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Auto Content Issue

Diposting oleh orang maros bisa tonji on Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

Yhudiyuba| Auto Content Issue. - Oke sob dapat kiriman postingan dari salah satu sobat blogger bernama mas Asep Haryono yang mengirimkan postingan dengan judul Auto Content Issue, owh iya buat sobat yang kebetulan tidak terlalu menguasai bahasa inggris silahkan diterjemahkan dulu digoogle transelt ya. berikut kirimannnya :

Sobat Asep Haryono
Making money online is one of the top issues among blogger , web owner and advertiser in terms of good quality posting.  Today, I would like to tell you little stories about auto content issue. Online the previous subjects or topics that I have been writing on before, the issue of some auto content tools have become very hot topics among advertisers particularly for those whose money is delivering to some approve posting. 

This issue is closely related to some paid review tasks or assignments to be submitted , or enriching your own website or blog.  In order to get clear vision to what I am going to discuss with, allow me to explain little bit about the main difference usages between using the auto content assistance to help you create long articles to be posted for money in return, and just for your own personal goals.

Good And Bad Reasons
One of the main problems from writers or blogger from Indonesia, or especially from non English speaking countries , is about the issue of English usage on Internet. We always aware of this issue of language due to the language is commonly used in all kind of websites and internationally recognized as “global” language that have to be mastered.

I will not tell you the simple way of learning English both as foreign language learning and second one due to there is no way of that simple for learning any foreign language. All websites on the internet mostly is using the English language.  You like it or not, you have to be aware of this language issue and ready to prepare solutions to understand the problem of language.

When you write an English articles or posting for your own blog for example, what are you going to do in posting the article in English if your standard of English is really poor or bad enough to communicate?  Did you need a translator or interpreter to help you write the English article to be posted at your blog?  Especially for the purpose of making blog to get paid or paid online content or monetizing blog, the issue of auto content is very urgent

The answer is “may be”as the best answer for this time.  Using any kind of online translation tools , auto content software or online dictionary assistance will become your priority to be used for.  Is it legal or immoral?.  What is your main reasons to use that online translation tools on the website instead of using your own ability of English?  My primary language is not English, but I am interested in learning the language and I am not afraid of making mistakes in the language.  Practicing and keep on improving the English skill will become the best of all answers ever.

People will understand if your English is quite “weird” or “unique: when posting in your blog or website.  This can be seen from the grammar mistakes that commonly used by non English writer just like mine.  One of the best advantageous when using auto content tools is efficiency in time consuming.  You might need several minutes to produce English contents with little efforts, right?  Unfortunately the step you take will not help you to become natural blogger or honest writer for every posting you are making. This might be contradiction with the concept of pure blogger by which producing stories or articles are from their own mind, and exposing their ideas to go online through blog platform. 

Copy Right Problem
The problem of language used is not a matter as long as they produce original content.  It is advisable for you to double check the translation result from your instant content translation tool to avoid “weird” English grammar formation for your own articles.  The result of translation can be obtained in a minute, but you need a few hours to edit the translation result to produce good quality content and natural good looking. You will get little help from online dictionary which can be used free of charge that can be found on the internet very easy such as kamus.net and many other translation website.

Copy paste activities is not allowed when dealing with other users on paid review programs.  If you combine the activities of pasting operations and using any English translation tools will be terminated by Google algorithm system.  The Google does not like all articles derived from English translation result, and using online dictionary due to the steps you take is not educating children to grow up.

The Google team always does not like the issue of paid review articles, or the articles that is full of ads only.  If you decide to recite comments or article from other website, please make sure of you put the original resources unless you will be marked as “plagiarism”, and the person themselves will be a plagiarist.  Some advertiser requires lots of things to be fulfilled by their publisher before accepting your bids or approving the result submitted by blogger. Most of the advertiser need original content, unique and more specifics articles made by real human, not from the assistance of auto content tools.

I am sure of you don’t want to get recognized as “plagiarist” right? Me too. If you are participating in blogsvertise  then you have to follow their rules and terms of service (TOS) unless you will get a banned.  I used to get problem when I forgot to include the primary resource for my website, and I was “famous” for several days.  One of the most powerful profit if you made mistakes like this is about traffic which growing very fast.  People will look at your website in ever way only  for looking at their face, and feel the sensation if of doing this thing

Do you think when you are registering in a blog platform such as blogspot or using any kind of social network communities such as facebook , you will be alone in this world?.  No way. Internet just like a crowded traffic on the street.  The internet like a giant forest and they have “eyes” to look at your writing and posting.  Some blogger said it is common to copy paste from other website, and unfortunately this will be extraordinary if your cheat like this stuff can be detected by the website owner.

What do you feel when your cheat activity can be detected by website owner?  I am sure of you will be ashamed of yourself,  and you are no longer get comfortable in posting another articles due to the people will think you will cheat again however the article is really fro your own effort.  People will not believe in you anymore if you cheat online, so please think twice when you are making copy paste operation.

Don’t worry to much if you would like to make the most of online translation tools or auto content software as long as wisely used and properly.  The translation result can be perfect in sight but please do more checking them again and again, and you will find out that translation grammar pattern is very mess and need lots of things to be done in order to make the result more natural as if you did it by your own.  We have to understand the internet can be used to help you finish your work efficiently and effectively, and basically there is no prohibition for you to use that instant translation tools,  don’t worry about that.  (Asep Haryono)

Oke itu kiriman postingan dari sobat saya dan apa bila ada sobat-sobat yang lain ingin mengirimkan postingan, cerita, pengalaman, tips trik, atau apalah. silahkan langsung aja klik disini. Dan sebaiknya menggunakan bahasa Indonesia karena pembaca dari blog ini kebanyakan orang Indonesia.

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